Industrial barcode label printers are designed for high volume and demanding print applications. Barcode label printers have a media capacities and can print at higher resolutions. With their rugged design, they are a perfect fit for warehouse, manufacturing and shipping environments where reliable printing is critical.

Thermal Transfer printers are the perfect solution for long term labeling as they utilize a ribbon for printing. As the printhead applies heat to the ribbon. The heat melts a layer of the ribbon onto the label surface. With a longer life-span, thermal printers are ideal for product labeling, inventory and asset tracking, and outdoor applications.

Direct Thermal printers utilize a chemically treated label that turns black when the thermal printhead applies heat to the surface of the label, making them a very cost effective solution. DT printing can fade over time and should avoid excessive heat or exposure to sunlight for the best results. Direct thermal printers are great for applications for shipping labels and short term product labeling.

Caxton Mark, Inc. offers wax ribbon, resin ribbon and wax-resin ribbon for printing on thermal transfer labels. If you have a thermal transfer printer you will need thermal transfer ribbon in order to print high quality barcodes.

We have many sizes of thermal transfer and direct thermal labels for all printing applications. Whether you are printing shipping labels, asset labels or inventory labels. You will find the sizes, label materials or coloured labels needed for your specific print job.