Engineering & Services


Your projects unique requirements receive Caxton Marks Inc’s full attention in developing custom solutions. We can offer modified versions of standard components or start from scratch. Count on us as your trusted partner from the project’s beginnings until completion, with technical support and maintenance as long as you need it. In every project, our focus is on safety standards and high quality solutions for any industry or environment.


Robotic Programming

Industrial robots are mounted to the floor, overhead or gantry mounted. Collaborative robots that work with operators that autonomously deliver products to and from the production line. Our robotic programming team can handle various robot brands and models.


Our PLC programming services are varied to meet the diverse needs of each and every project, for industries ranging from automotive and manufacturing to food processing. Our team will code and install controls that are fit every process and environment.


When your machinery is in need of maintenance, no company knows better then the technicians at Caxton Mark. Our technicians have undergone rigorous training and must meet strict requirements to become Caxton Mark Inc technicians for developing, testing, programming, and actual on-site installation of new robots and product lines.