Pressure Sensitive Labels



Caxton Mark offers a variety of film, paper face stocks, finishing and die-cutting options for pressure sensitive label projects. With our full in-house prepress department and plate processing capabilities, we’ll help you create the label that best meets your product and industry requirements. You can choose from a wide selection of material options and finishes.

It’s our commitment to deliver our superior service and quality in label printing and packaging each and every day. Our ultimate goal is to make sure your product label and packaging, outperforms the competition.

Food Safe Labels

When it comes to Direct Food Contact labels, you can count on our knowledge and experience in the industry to deliver safe food labeling solutions. Our experienced team will help you select a label that’s safe, effective and efficient.

Pressure Sensitive Labels
Leamington Labels
Custom Labels

Direct Food Contact

• Fruits & Vegetable Direct Contact Labels
• Meat & Poultry Inserts
• Label on the commodity itself

Indirect Food Contact

• Clam Shell Labels
• Outside Pressure Sensitive Labels
• Condiment Labeling