Built on top of the K-ROSET platform, K-SPARC is Kawasaki's palletizing software. This tool guides the user through simple steps to program a single robot palletizing work cell.
  • Choose robot from R, Z, M series models
  • Select from 12 available layouts
  • Define the pallet and workpiece parameters
  • Select patterns and placement order
  • Load data to virtual robot, touch up pick & place points
  • Control the palletizing operation with the interface panel

From start to finish, the user can achieve a ready-to-load AS program that can be used directly in the robot controller. K-SPARC supports both bag and box palletizing with over 100 built-in patterns available to choose from. In addition to writing the AS robot code, K-SPARC also outputs fully developed user interfaces that can be directly implemented into production.

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